The Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy International Seminar

Organised by Rhiannon Lewis Director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants & editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy

21 & 22 May 2021

08.00-20.00 GMT+1


Are you interested in clinical aromatherapy or are already working in clinical settings with essential oils? This event is your main educational resource for 2021!

The International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy together with Essential Oil Resource Consultants are following up on the success of their recent conference, botanica2020 with the launch of another major international seminar of clinical aromatherapy for 2021.

The third edition of the ‘Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy’ international seminar will be held 21st & 22nd May 2021 via a professional virtual conference and trade show platform. The first two events of this seminar series were hosted at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London in 2017 & 2019.

The focus of this third seminar is on the application and integration of essential oils in clinical settings including hospital, hospice, aged care facilities, acute care, neurology, paediatrics and psychiatry. Along with live lectures from 17 international experts plus at least 10 on-demand presentations, the event also provides live networking and the opportunity to connect directly with suppliers of essential oils and related products in the virtual trade show.

Rhiannon Lewis, host and organiser of this event says

“Clinical Aromatherapy is evolving at a fast pace and our knowledge and skills need to remain in step. The importance of staying current and learning more about our art and science can never be overemphasised. Hosting the Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy Seminar online in 2021 provides more opportunity for participants to attend from around the world. This important seminar thereby gives the global clinical aromatherapy community a dynamic platform and opportunity for sharing, sourcing products, learning and rich exchanges.”

For general information about the event please mail Marie-Anne:


caroline chaccur

Madeleine kerkhof

emma tyrer

Marianne tavares

Mary Atkinson

isabelle sogno lalloz

pascale frennet

carol scheidel

Sandy van Vuuren

Linda-Anne O'Flaherty

rhiannon lewis

Jacqui Stringer

wendy maddocks

Dawn Langley-Brady

Ka Man Cheung

thomas schlager

Denise joswiak

Hiroko Kubo

Izumi Aoyama

Judy Gopsill

Penny Price

Trisha Dunning


DROP £144 2-day live pass to lectures, trade show and networking
May 21st & 22nd only.
BLEND £216 2-day live pass to lectures, trade show and networking.
30 days of on-demand viewing, trade show and networking post-event.
SYNERGY £300 2-day live pass to lectures, trade show and networking.
30 days of on-demand viewing, trade show and networking post event.
Unlimited post event access to all lecture recordings
Copy of the seminar proceedings.

We are also welcoming applications for sponsorship and trade show booths.


Call for presentations

Do you work in a clinical setting with essential oils? In addition to the programme of live speakers, we are also welcoming shorter 25-minute recorded presentations from therapists/ therapy teams working in clinical settings as well as those who have conducted research in this domain or who wish to share policies/ protocols/ standard operating procedures. Applications need to follow certain criteria as detailed in the application form:

Submission deadline: March 1st, 2021

Should your submission be accepted for the seminar, one free SYNERGY conference place will offered. Presentations must be completed and uploaded by April 30th.


Call for Clinical Aromatherapy educators’ roundtable panel meeting

We are hosting the second educators’ debate at The Essence of Clinical Aromatherapy Seminar at 6pm May 22nd following on from the first clinical aromatherapy educators’ debate that took place at botanica2020 and as a result of the expressed wish of participants to continue with bringing together educators from around the world to discuss the way forward in aromatherapy education.


If you are an aromatherapy educator with your own school or are a board member of an Aromatherapy Association that sets guidelines/ standards in aromatherapy education, you are invited to apply to be a member of the round table panel. Applications are welcomed until 31st January 2021 after which an independent assessor will determine the final list of panelists.


There are just 10 places available on the panel.


All panel applicants are required to be fully paid up attendees of the seminar itself (DROP, BLEND OR SYNERGY pass) and submit their application via the following form: